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Welcome to our
Frequently Asked Questions Page

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Q1)   If I buy the full set of wristbands and lessons, will I still need a pro lesson, or lessons?
A1)   Recommended, if only to check you are actually doing what you have now learned!

Q2)   I`m a beginner. Will I benefit?
A2)   Hugely. All the fundamentals in a no waffle “nutshell”, plus the unique means to focus on them.

Q3)   Inconsistency affects my scores and my handicap. Which lessons/bands should I buy?
A3)   Either the full set, or, a PGA pro lesson will highlight which area(s) to work on and therefore which lessons to buy.

Q4)  How long does it take for  the full set of lessons to become “second  nature”?
A4)  We recommend focusing on one lesson/wristband per round or practice session only.

Q5)  Can I use the swingthought wrist reminders in club competitions?
A5)  Yes! The wristbands are certified by the R and A for use in all competitive play as well as practice.

Q6)  Are the scorecard size hip pocket lessons simply the usual “hot-tips”?
Q6)  No. Would you learn to drive a car that way?  Instead of disconnected bits and pieces, we give ALL the essential  fundamentals in a nutshell, plus the means to remember them…..PERMANENTLY.

Q7)  If I simply change my mind, for whatever  reason,  can I get a refund?
A7) Yes. Return undamaged within 7 days of receipt, for full price refund , less our p/p costs.

Q8)  How durable or long lasting are the wrist reminders and the hip pocket lessons?
A8)  The wristbands should last for years. The laminated showerproof lessons are also very durable.

Q9)  Which size wristband will fit my teenage son?
A9)  Almost certainly the Ladies/Youth size.

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