Golf Wrist Reminders by Swingswot - Wrist Reminders by Swingswot

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Unique “swingthought” GOLF
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 Murray Crowe, Honorary PGA professional, ex Castletown championship GC says: -
I wish these handy golf swing pocket lessons and focusing wristbands had existed during my 43 year teaching career. Pupils need something to help them remember what they have been taught, otherwise they can forget, or lapse into old habits.

Swingswot fills this gap. The 12 wristbands are a clever idea in assisting concentration, each with a specific swingthought on which to focus.

Additionally, the 12 pocket size explanatory lessons comprehensively cover all the fundamentals, and more. The illustrated text is clear and concise.

Accordingly, I thoroughly recommend Swingswot. It is a great addition to the learning process which should benefit novices and more experienced players alike."
Murray Crowe

Swingswot golf wristbands are sanctioned by the R & A for use in competitive play, as well as practice.
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